Welcome to CentreWorks

Our mission is to build an intentionally inclusive and resilient community.

Strong communities create opportunities for all of us. That’s why we work alongside our community to launch new businesses, tackle community challenges, and create social enterprises. 

At CentreWorks, we foster a culture of innovation through the application of the Human-Centered Approach to Innovation (HCA) , a form of Designed Thinking, alongside the Entrepreneurial Mindset to encourage positive personal growth in our community.

Our major programs aid entrepreneurs in their startup endeavors, form community collaboration groups that address complex issues, inform community members of positive initiatives and provide learning opportunities for community members.

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Come visit our space! We are located at:

236 W Main Street, Suite 300, Danville, KY.

Please use the 3rd Street Entrance.

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Upcoming Events:

Homecoming Open House & Alumni Panel

Wondering what's new since you graduated? CentreWorks! Kick off your homecoming weekend with us 4:30-5:30pm to learn how our vision for an intentionally inclusive, resilient Danville impacts students, community members, and alumni. Join our growing network of community connections and get in on the action! Click the button below to RSVP and learn more about this exciting event.

Wonderful Women Connect

We believe that forming connections and enjoying conversations is essential every single day! Get your daily dose with us at Wonderful Women Connect on Tuesday, October 18 at 5:30. Small bites and beverages will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own!

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Our most popular programs...


FUSION Community Collaboration Groups bring our communities together and make positive change by creating new social initiatives and/or startups. Our FUSION communities: Access to Fresh Food, Better Living/Better Housing, Medical Literacy, and Technology.


LIFTOFF classes are a way to fulfill our mission statement. LIFTOFF is designed to equip budding & current entrepreneurs with strategies for owning a resilient business to build regional innovation, startup culture, spark new economic development,

& create social enterprise opportunities.


PURSUIT events give our communities opportunities to be lifelong learners. Art galleries, forums, panels, discussions, and presentations- CentreWorks is committed to serving as a space where our community can teach, learn, discuss, and grow.

CentreWorks In Action

CentreWorks Liftoff 2020 with Adonis Logan '22

Kate Snyder's LIFTOFF Experience

CentreWorks Draw my FUSION Access to Fresh Foods

FUSION: Community Collaboration Group

FUSION Community Collaboration Groups exist to bring our communities together

and make positive change by creating new social initiatives and/or startups.

Our current FUSION Communities:

Access to Fresh Foods, Better Living/Better Housing, Medical Literacy, Technology

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236 W Main Street

Danville, KY 40422

Open Monday-Friday 8am-6pm

Check upcoming event schedule for weekend hours

For more information, email: [email protected] & [email protected]

LIFT: Skills Enhancement Courses

If you have something to teach (digital, physical, or professional) which advances

our community, this is the venue.