Welcome to CentreWorks

CentreWorks provides the creative environment for today and tomorrow’s entrepreneurial, social, civic, and community leaders to learn, collaborate, and innovate. We offer the regional platform to study and resolve complex problems, start new businesses, make connections, enhance skills, develop knowledge, and hone leadership. CentreWorks is building foundations for a stronger community through in-person and remote opportunities like the LIFTOFF entrepreneur starters program and FUSION Community Collaboration Groups.

Come visit our space! We are located at 236 W Main St Suite 300, Danville, KY.

This, #ThirdThursday in Danville, CentreWorks will host our 2nd Night Owl Gallery! Featuring the work of Centre's incredible hot glass students, this is an event you won't want to miss. Come explore the CentreWorks space, you may even leave with a lovely vase, ornament, or glass heart.

PURSUIT: Are You A Wonderful Woman?

CentreWorks is hosting a gathering for the women who live and work in our community on Wednesday, May 25 from 5:30-7:30 PM. Interested in attending? Shoot us an email or give us a call and we can send you the RSVP!

[email protected]

PURSUIT: Thank you to all how showed out to support artistry and innovation in our community by attending the Stephen Powell Memorial Sculpture Garden presentation on Thursday, April 28th from 5:30-7! Local glass artist, Brooke White Jr. shared his process for turning this vision into a reality by October of 2022.

CentreWorks In Action

CentreWorks Liftoff 2020 with Adonis Logan '22

Kate Snyder's LIFTOFF Experience

CentreWorks Draw my FUSION Access to Fresh Foods

FUSION: Community Collaboration Group

FUSION is about getting people together to create new social initiatives and/or startups. Several FUSION Groups will be forming to address a breadth of interest sectors.

Come as you are! All you need is an interest.

Learn more about which FUSION Community Collaboration Group is right for you:

Access to Fresh Foods, Better Living/Better Housing, Medical Literacy, Technology

Join The Group Conversation:

“Access to Fresh Food in Danville”

Let’s talk about fresh food accessibility in Danville! We’d like to hear how easy, or difficult, it is for you to get fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and other unprocessed goods.

LIFT: Skills Enhancement Courses

If you have something to teach (digital, physical, or professional) which advances

our community, this is the venue.