Human Centered Approach to Innovation HCA™

CentreWorks uses the Human Centered Approach to Innovation, which prioritizes empathy, in every social initiative, entrepreneurial program, and interaction. When we empathize, we listen to individual community voices in order to understand and appreciate what matters to people. This design thinking process centers solution and product development around needs, values, and desires that we hear to maximize real benefit. Empathizing with individuals catalyzes the ideation process, and empathy remains a crucial piece of each following step. HCA™ functions as a cycle, and the final result is a product that continually seeks improvement based on community experiences.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

CentreWorks directors, employees, and community members intentionally embody these characteristics in everything we do. We believe that leaders and innovators must be creative, collaborative, candid, and constantly learning from failure and embracing ambiguity- just to name a few characteristics in the Mindset. EM is how we build communities and approach each other to continually foster inclusion. All of our spaces and programs incorporate these traits so we know what matters to the people we seek to serve and we can enhance their lives and visions.