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The Advocate-Messenger: May 25, 2022

"LIFTOFF class graduates to start local businesses"

"This semester was also the first time the class was taught in Spanish in addition to English. Centre students were able to translate each lesson to several Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs, and also acted as translators in conversations and empathy interviews."

"Entrepreneurs usually come in with a tentative business idea they want to develop. The Margidas teach them to conduct empathy interviews with people in the community, which allows them to learn about local people’s specific wants and needs."

"The interviews help students define a problem that their business will solve. Once defined, students brainstorm business ideas to solve the problem. Then they test the ideas and gather feedback from the community, then come up with final prototypes."

The Advocate-Messenger: April 19, 2022

"Tech panel happening Thursday at CentreWorks"

"The tech industry can be daunting; it’s complex, ever changing, and growing more important to our lives by the day. For those who want to better understand the world of tech but aren’t sure where to start, this event is dedicated to demystifying the tech industry. Join our panel of industry insiders as they pull back the curtains on tech, and get the answers to all your most pressing questions about the industry, careers, and more. Panel Members: John Harney, Josh Wilkerson, Will Roberts."

The Advocate-Messenger: April 7, 2022

"LIFTOFF graduate starts Parkinson's physical therapy business"

"Pruitt finished the class in November 2021, spent the first few months of 2022 getting licenses and certifications, and she will start accepting patients next week. She said the class helped connect her with the right people and made her more confident in her ability to start a business.

“LIFTOFF has been a huge part in me having the courage to do this because I work full time, I have two young kids, it’s important that I have time to do those other things too, so having that support system really helped me be able to be efficient with it,” Pruitt said."

The Advocate-Messenger: April 2, 2022.

"CentreWorks welcomes community to co-working space"

"Now that the space is open, community members can buy co-working memberships to work there. The space has a large kitchen and dining area, a “synergy space” in the wide-open main section, a community room with a long table and TV, a “collaboration cove” with bleachers and a TV, and several private rooms and suites for smaller groups. People can buy day passes, monthly memberships, yearly memberships, or suite memberships. Each pass gets coffee, 1 Gig internet, access to a color printer, and access to the main spaces. Centre students get free access to the space."

Louisville Future: December 20th, 2021

"Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Danville"

"To build an entrepreneurial ecosystem, you have to develop a culture of trust and collaboration that allows people to interact successfully.

That’s the purpose behind CentreWorks, which was established by Centre College in 2020. The program seeks to serve as a catalyst for building community, establishing resilience and stimulating economic growth in Danville, Kentucky, and seven surrounding counties."

The Advocate-Messenger: July 20, 2021

"CentreWorks program seeks to bring Romania to Boyle County"

“You will be hearing interviews with people from Romania who have been successful in several different fields of life, and what I want to portray with this is that it’s important to see that even in a more poor country like Romania, it’s still very possible for people to have success because of their hard work and dedication,” he said.

“The two biggest themes that I’ve discovered with all of the research are that any community can have success if they set forward to it, and work toward it, and that unity is also another path to success,” Moga said.

Boyle County Neighbors: April 2021 Addition

"Meet the Margidas: A working family, centered on Boyle County."

"Boyle County's newest power couple is taking the area by storm. Whether they're helping people get the food they need, facilitating zoom meetings for Heart of Danville, or redesigning the new CentreWorks space in the old Hub Frankel building, Anthony and Andrea Margida bring a new energy to the area."

"As you know from our background, this is our sweet spot", Anthony says. "When Centre contacted us, we were drawn to the opportunity to design a center that would unite the college and the broader community, thus enhancing both."

The Lane Report: April 17, 2020

"New CentreWorks program to provide unique business and entrepreneurial opportunities"

"Located in downtown Danville, CentreWorks will allow members of Centre’s campus community and the broader Danville and Boyle County region to collaborate, combining their creativity, expertise and experience to study and resolve complex problems, start new businesses, make connections, practice skills, develop knowledge and hone leadership."

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